Body and Soul Spa services

Swedish Massage

A full body massage, this is a soothing, slow, rhythmical treatment. Excellent for relaxation and overall sense of well-being.


Precious and healing aromatic balms are used in harmony with each other for a soothing and multidimensional massage.

Head, Feet & Hands Massage

A deeply relaxing treatment on feet, hands, neck and face.

Deep Tissue Massage

A focused treatment utilizing strong pressure to release deeply held patterns of tension. Friction, slow massage and pressure point therapy work wonders to re- align muscle fibers and eliminate underlying cause of pain.

Sport Massage

This invigorating massage helps to keep soft tissue healthy before and after physical activity. This is useful for injury prevention and performance enhancement for active people whether a serious golfer, occasional jogger or a regular at the gym.

Pregnancy Massage

A full body massage that helps improve health, blood circulation and the well being of expectant mothers.

Body and Soul Spa services